Several months back, when I was first getting into enchanting, I made a post in which I talked about selling Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste. This enchant is extremely powerful on very low level characters, and can be put on a pair of non-binding white-quality gloves and passed around to many alts. At the time I made the post, I was still thinking about the required materials (2 Large Radiant Shards, 2 Wildvine) in pre-Shattering terms, and felt they were fairly plentiful/cheap materials relative to the amount of gold for which I could sell the scrolls. This was a mistake.

Sure, back in the Azeroth we once knew Wildvine dropped like crazy off every troll in the Hinterlands. I know I personally had so much sitting around at one point I just vendored it because it did not sell on the auction house. Most of its uses are in vanilla recipes that have an extremely niche market. Many of those recipes (mainly the leatherworking ones) are no longer obtainable by new players.

But when the Shattering happened, Wildvine was one of the many low-level materials whose drop rate was seriously messed up. What used to drop like candy now dropped... well, not very many places at all. According to Wowhead, Wildvine now has two sources: The first is as a rare drop while herbing Purple Lotus, and the second is as a rare drop off a mob type in the Ruins of Zul'Mamwe in Northern Stranglethorn called Skullsplitter Witch Doctor. The drop rate is extremely low. I do not recommend farming for Wildvine.

However, I do recommend considering selling any Wildvine sitting in your guild bank, and keeping your eye out for people selling it for a cheap pre-Shattering price on the AH to flip. (Obviously, check The Undermine Journal or several weeks of Auctioneer scans before deciding on your snatch price. AH responsibly!)