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( Jun. 1st, 2011 03:46 pm)
Number of Sales: 857
Gold from Sales (Gross): 41606g 6s 75c

Top 5 Gold Makers Over-all
Shadowspirit Diamond (uncut)
Greater Celestial Essence
Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond
Ember Shadowspirit Diamond
Infinite Dust

Top 5 Gold/Sale
Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Agility
Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect
Book of Glyph Mastery
Pristine Hide

Top 5 Number of Sales
Greater Celestial Essence
Greater Cosmic Essence
Shadowspirit Diamond (uncut)
Delicate Inferno Ruby

Cut Inferno Ruby prices got stupid low on my server for a while there, so as you can see, I chose to make my Carnelians into Carnelian Spikes to disenchant much more than I transmuted them into Inferno Rubies. It was my first major holiday as a goldmaker, and I did see a lot of business this weekend. Yay for three-day weekends!

My shaman is up to 82, and I've actually been able to find Whiptail cheap enough that I can mill it into pigments, turn it all into inks, and make a profit just selling the Inferno Inks. I'm splitting my Blackfallow Inks between trading in for more Inferno Ink, and MFCs to turn into Fortune Cookies and sell.

I ended up making a little under 500g on the Stormchops from The Stormchops Experiment. Most of my sales were to one guild, so if I do this again, I might look into selling directly to a guild still working on the Critter Kill Squad achievement. I'll probably finish up selling this last stack I have, then hop back out. I'm not in love with barking.
I didn't actually announce this here, just added a link on my profile, but I'm on Twitter now! Check me out at @thriftydraenei. It's about 50% goldmaking and 50% random blather.

So I finally bit the bullet and realm/faction transferred my shaman off the PvP server she was on, and onto my main server. (RPPvE because I'm a wuss.) Just switched one of her professions to Inscription and leveled it up to about 300 and then just couldn't stare at any inks anymore. I don't know if this is going to work out so well.

Mainly, I've been playing my first healer: a baby resto druid. Having a ton of fun so far, but I suspect that's because Rejuvenation is OP at low levels.

Working on a cooking project, which I am planning to post about later in the week.

Other than that, I'm prepping for 4.2 more. Here's some info I've picked up from various sources:

First of all cut gems will be stacking in 4.2! Many blogs are discussing how this will affect the possible sales of the new jewelcrafting bag, but more importantly to me, I'm preparing for quite a few mislists the first few days by jewelcrafters who roll without any AH add-ons and are unprepared for stacking gems. I definitely expect to snatch a few 2 or 3 stacks of cut gems listed for single price by inexperienced auctioneers.

The goldblogging twittersphere has been abuzz discussing the new Firelands dailies and how it looks like at least some of the new crafting recipes are coming from vendors phased in by doing many of these dailies. To even access them, you will need to have quested in Mount Hyjal far enough to have phased in the Regrowth. So if you're looking to pick up any of those recipes, make sure to quest that far into Mount Hyjal at least. (Thanks to @powerwordgold for the link!)

Gimp from GimpsGold (one of my new favorite gold bloggers!) appeared on the A2A podcast this past week, and mentioned that the 4.2 change to critical heals (200% up from 150%) may mean some healing classes will value crit more highly in 4.2 than they do now. I know I just picked up the int/crit cut, and may pick up the pure crit cut in preparation. I may have my enchanter post up some +crit enchants for slots that don't have +int or +spirit enchants available.
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( Apr. 28th, 2011 01:45 am)
I've had Auditor disabled since the patch, so I'm not sure exactly how I'm doing on gold, but I can tell you:

1. I am selling tank gems like crazy. Largely Solid Ocean Sapphire (+60 Stamina) and Puissant Dream Emerald (+20 Mastery, +30 Stamina). Although I've also sold a couple Fractured Amberjewel (+40 Mastery). Still selling Demonseye and Ember Topaz uncut. Red gem prices are up, but I admit I'm a bit stingy with my rare red gems now that they're not free anymore.

1a. In all the to-do over cut uncommon gem vendor prices falling, nobody mentioned that rare uncut vendor prices rose. Uncut rare quality gems now vendor for 5g each, same as their uncommon-quality counterparts.

2. All my alts that can cook are doing the cooking daily, and spending their Chef's Award on Cocoa Beans. All beans are sent to my only 525 cook, who makes some Chocolate Cookies, and throws them on the AH. Not tons of gold, but it's gold.

2a. I need to make a reference of all the new cooking dailies and their rewards. Since you can only do one of fishing/cooking from the SW/Darn/IF set, it would be in your best interest to maximize rewards by choosing the right city each day.

3. With everyone rushing back to their 85s to try out the new dungeons, low-level mats aren't selling quite as well. (People aren't playing their lowbie alts right now; they're too excited about the new stuff!)

4. Portals to SW and Org have been put back in Shattrath (near the portal trainer) and Dalaran (in their old locations). Adjust hearthstones accordingly.
Was just looking through some Patch 4.1 PTR notes on MMO Champion to confirm some ret pally changes I'd heard about, and saw this:

Bold Carnelian, Solid Zephyrite, Subtle Alicite, Perfect Quick Alicite, Sovereign Nightstone, Regal Jasper, Resolute Hessonite, and any cut of uncommon gem now sells to NPC for 75 silver instead of 9 gold.

That's... kind of a big deal. Not just because of how it affects jewelcrafting, but also because of its effect on ore prices, and therefore Blacksmithing and to a lesser extent Engineering. Not to mention a possible effect on the Enchanting market.

Flux at Power Word: Gold has a post and link round-up.