I've been thinking a lot about trying to sell Stormchops recently.

Stormchops is a cooking recipe from The Burning Crusade expansion. The recipe is somewhat rare: it drops randomly from the crate of meat or barrel of fish you get from the Shattrath cooking dailies, and I've also heard it can drop from the spice bag from the Dalaran cooking dailies. The food it makes gives you a buff that makes you shoot out lightning every few seconds. The lightning does a few hundred damage to non-friendly mobs within a certain range of your character. The buff lasts for a half-hour, and it will hit critters.

When the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement first came out, I read on a forum I belong to about people using Stormchops to help them get this achievement. Essentially, what you can do is park yourself somewhere where there are a lot of critters with a fast respawn rate (Alliance's best bet is the Ironforge side of the Deeprun Tram), eat a Stormchop, and then go read a book or something for a half hour, occasionally tapping the space bar to keep yourself from logging out from inactivity. It's not super-efficient (you will have to eat a lot of Stormchops), but it basically automates a fairly tedious grind.

That's the kind of convenience people pay gold for, right? That's what I thought, but when I just threw some up on the AH a month or two ago, they sat there and didn't sell. It wasn't until I noticed how many people I had to explain the Stormchops strategy to when I personally was using it that I realized a lot of people [a] have never heard of Stormchops, and [b] have no idea that this is a valid way to kill critters for the achievement. Which meant I would have to bark it.

I amassed a few stacks of Stormchops over the course of the past week, and worked out what I needed to say in my barks. Today was the first day of the experiment.

Posting method: I posted in stacks of one, two, and five. None had a lower individual cost than the others. All were posted for 12 hours.

Barking method: I made sure to include a link to the Stormchops food as well as to the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement in all of my barks. I did not mention the pet reward from the guild achieve. In tomorrow's barks I may add that in. I barked no more frequently than once every half hour. Before I barked, I checked to make sure my auctions had not been undercut. (Not only were they not undercut at any point from 4pm to midnight, but there were also never any other people selling.)

Results so far: Nobody touched the five stacks. A few people bought the single stacks. One person bought out all my two stacks at once. (Not sure why they didn't buy the five stacks since the cost per item was the same.) Overall, I made about 200g on it, which may not be worth the work, but I'll also want to try out other times and other barking strategies. I've also considered raising my prices slightly since this food will never see mass sales, since it's fairly niche.
I haven't been updating a lot lately, sorry! I've been doing a lot of rep grinding. Lots and lots of rep grinding. And dying in Zul'Gurub. Lots of dying in Zul'Gurub.

I finally finished up Honor Hold, which means I'm hopping back out of the primal elements market. I am fine with this, because I really do not need to run Heroic: Shattered Halls any more. Ever.

So you're grinding Steamwheedle Cartel rep, you poor poor person )

In other, more exciting news, my enchanter is finally to 425 skill. You know what that means...

Get down with your bad self, little worgen priest. Get down.

That's right. Awwww yeah, it's time to get on the proper Obsidium Shuffle train. Updates on that in the future.

Chocolate Cookies are still selling well. I've been selling a lot of fairly low profit margin, but still profitable, Hardened Elementium Bar. I also swam my mage down to Booty Bay, and am actually doing okay for myself selling Alliance vendor pets to the Horde. (And, slightly depressingly, Alliance.) I haven't really started in on cooking recipes apart from the Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin yet, but I should.

I'm also starting to consider taking a day or two out of my Life-to-Air transmute schedule to transmute Fire in order to stock up for 4.2. We shall see.
I love Azuremyst Isle. This is partially because my first character ever was a Draenei, so it's sort of the place where I know where everything is. I spent weeks slowly leveling through all the Azuremyst/Bloodmyst content when I was a wee noob, so it's very calming and homelike to me. I mean, for goodness' sake, I keep my bank alt in the Exodar.

Today, I decided to work on leveling herbalism and skinning on a human rogue character I have, and I decided to do this on Azuremyst. It's not just that I love it, it's that it's a genuinely good place to do this. Why? There's a lot of cool stuff on Azuremyst Isle.

Low Population Pretty much the only people you are going to run into in Azuremyst Isle are lowbie draenei characters. That means you're not going to run into much farming competition. If your server isn't high pop, there is a pretty good chance that you will be the only person in the zone.

Holy cow, Draenei men are huge.

Recipe: Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin One of the few Alliance quest recipes that is not also sold by Kendor Kabonka. It comes from The Great Moongraze Hunt, a level 6 quest with no pre-reqs. I make a point of bringing my Alliance toons to Azuremyst at least once to do this quest, so I can sell the recipe to the Horde. (Even if you don't have a system in place to sell to the Horde, this recipe will eventually sell on the Neutral AH.)

Small Eggs The best drop rates for Small Eggs are in Eversong Woods, which is, for obvious reasons, easier to farm if you're Horde. For less adventuresome Alliance, Azuremyst has two great sources of Small Eggs. If you're leveling skinning, the various Timberstriders don't have the greatest drop rate, but are skinnable, unlike the vultures in Westfall. (The other good source is the moonkin on Silvermyst, who have a better drop rate than the vultures in Westfall.) Two times out of the year (Children's Week and Winter Veil), Small Eggs become incredibly expensive, and are worth stocking up on.

Blood Elf Bandit Mask A popular white drop from the Blood Elf Bandit NPC found on Azuremyst. I wouldn't farm it, since he's hard to find/not always up, and the drop rate is pretty low, but set up a targeting macro (since he's stealthed), and mash it when you run past a spawn point, just in case.
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( Apr. 28th, 2011 01:45 am)
I've had Auditor disabled since the patch, so I'm not sure exactly how I'm doing on gold, but I can tell you:

1. I am selling tank gems like crazy. Largely Solid Ocean Sapphire (+60 Stamina) and Puissant Dream Emerald (+20 Mastery, +30 Stamina). Although I've also sold a couple Fractured Amberjewel (+40 Mastery). Still selling Demonseye and Ember Topaz uncut. Red gem prices are up, but I admit I'm a bit stingy with my rare red gems now that they're not free anymore.

1a. In all the to-do over cut uncommon gem vendor prices falling, nobody mentioned that rare uncut vendor prices rose. Uncut rare quality gems now vendor for 5g each, same as their uncommon-quality counterparts.

2. All my alts that can cook are doing the cooking daily, and spending their Chef's Award on Cocoa Beans. All beans are sent to my only 525 cook, who makes some Chocolate Cookies, and throws them on the AH. Not tons of gold, but it's gold.

2a. I need to make a reference of all the new cooking dailies and their rewards. Since you can only do one of fishing/cooking from the SW/Darn/IF set, it would be in your best interest to maximize rewards by choosing the right city each day.

3. With everyone rushing back to their 85s to try out the new dungeons, low-level mats aren't selling quite as well. (People aren't playing their lowbie alts right now; they're too excited about the new stuff!)

4. Portals to SW and Org have been put back in Shattrath (near the portal trainer) and Dalaran (in their old locations). Adjust hearthstones accordingly.