So I've been dabbling around with some of my non-jewelcrafting professions a bit, trying to get a feel for other markets, learning what sells and what doesn't, stocking up a bit on mats for 4.2, etc.

Here's some stuff I've been doing in my other professions that's new-ish to me:

Found a bunch of Arcane Crystals up on the AH for 1g 25s a piece. Bought them all. At the same time, there were some Thorium bars up on the AH for under 50s a piece as well. Bought all those. Transmuted a bunch of Arcanite Bars and have been selling them for roughly 30g per. That's a pretty sweet profit margin.

I'm still mainly following a lot of the ideas laid out by Faid in her Enchanting Edition of Faid's WoW Gold Rush. Except now I'm using some of those Wrath materials in Enchanting scrolls.

Cold posted a while back about how Enchant gloves - major agility is still a very good enchant for agility using classes in Cataclysm. This got me looking around a bit and here are a list of item enhancements (not just enchants) and buff items from Wrath that have no Cataclysm equivalents:

Enchant Cloak - Major Agility (+22 Agi)
Enchant Gloves - Major Agility (+20 Agi)
Enchant Boots - Greater Assault (+32 attack power)
Earthen Leg Armor (+resil leg armor)
Insightful Earthsiege Diamond (meta with chance to restore mana on spellcast. Nice on very long fights)
Blackened Worg Steak (Track humanoids buff food.)

I don't sell all of these, but they are all items worth remembering if you happen to have the recipe.

I've also been selling Enchant Chest - Major Health scrolls. This enchant gives +100 HP to a chest slot item. It takes 2 small brilliant shards to make. It is not the BiS enchant for heirloom chest pieces (although I understand it might be very good for 19 twinks?), but it has two things going for it that the +4 stats BiS heirloom enchant doesn't:
1. It is fairly easy to get a hold of the recipe. (Limited Supply from Qia in Winterspring.)
2. The mats are stupid cheap, allowing me to sell this recipe as a bargain enchant.

To make the above more clear: It costs me roughly 20 silver to buy the materials for this enchant. (Including the Enchanting Vellum.) The scroll is selling quickly at 15g per scroll, which is both a reasonable amount to spend on an enchant for an item you will use for 80 levels and just stupid amounts of profit. I almost don't want to discuss this here because then someone from my server will start making it and there will be an undercutting war and then it will be as sad as Enchant shield - Vitality is there right now. :(

On the other end of the spectrum, I sold my first Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility scroll this week. The market for it is very small (pretty much just feral druids), but it's a great heirloom enchant.

I sold some Mysterious Fortune Cards a few nights ago, but it made me feel kind of bad and I hate barking, so I don't think I'll keep up with that. I am however, still making MFCs, and cooking them into Fortune Cookies. I was selling them, but now I'm saving them to sell in 4.2 when I'm hoping the prices go up. (Especially if more people start pugging with the nerfs to Tier 11 normal mode raid content.)

I've also been toying around a bit with actual glyphs. I've probably sold about 800g worth of glyphs with only about 20 researched glyphs (and very few of them any good). There's some solid competition on my server, but a nice early afternoon opening for me to sell a few glyphs on weekdays.

I've currently got a few Adventurer's Journals up on the AH just to test out the market for them. (If they don't sell, I can use them while leveling my priest, who is allllmost to Northrend!)
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