Hi! I'm Honorata, and I play a draenei paladin in World of Warcraft. I decided to make this blog to post about my gold-making endeavors, pratfalls, etc. in a place where the people who really could not give a darn can safely ignore it.

I have only been playing World of Warcraft since July of 2010, and right now I have only one level 85 character. I am currently just shy of 50k gold across all my toons.

So it should be obvious, but I'll say this right now: I am not an expert. This is not really a "gold advice" blog so much as "Honor talks about doing stuff, gold was made and/or lost in the process."

I do not do things that maximize my gold per hour. Sometimes I waste a lot of time in game doing stuff I find fun, or farming for stuff that doesn't sell for all that much. But I do like to make gold doing the things I find fun, and how I choose to do that is mainly, I think, what I'm going to wind up posting about.
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